Value Investing & Management Oversight


The Uible Management Group was founded in 1989. Its first business
was supplying computer hardware to European financial institutions.
UMG has since owned and operated nine other companies, most of
which have been distressed businesses requiring extensive
management intervention.
Areas of Expertise:
Communications cabling design and installation
Warranty Services
Medical Equipment Technology
Software Development
Overview of the Investment

The Uible Management Group seeks to buy businesses that have critical
capital shortages or may simply lack a succession plan. We acquire
companies that can provide quality products at competitive prices but are
undervalued because of diminished sales or a lack of marketing
direction.  We are actively engaged and involved in the day-to-day
management of all our acquired businesses.

UMG concentrates on exit strategies from the start. The key to achieving
returns from investing in distressed companies is to rebuild the
management team and the product line so that future buyers will want to
purchase the business at a significantly higher price.
Uible Management Group