About David Uible

David H. Uible, Founder & CEO.  Prior to starting Uible Management
Group David ran the international division of both a software and
hardware computer electronics company. After this experience he
founded his first company supplying computer mainframes to
banks in Switzerland. This  international experience eased the way
for David to privatize a publishing office from within the Russian
Ministry of Health. This venture turned around the former
government agency from losing money to making it quite profitable,
which led to considerable notoriety from the U.S. Department of
Commerce. After this he acquired several other distressed
companies keeping his investment activity within the U.S.  More
recently Uible Management has specialized in buying small
manufacturing companies. As a board member of a community
bank David learned the banking side of small business lending. He
earned his BS from Purdue University and graduated from the
Executive Management School at the University of Cincinnati. David
was founder of the Cincinnati Chapter of the Young Entrepreneurs
Organization in 1994. In 2012 David was appointed Clermont
County Commissioner for his extensive experience turning around
deficit spending. He currently lives on a buffalo ranch with his family
and has branded their meat which is sold under the "Vista Grand
Ranch" label.
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